Environment & Certifications

Environmental Position

When you live, work and recreate in the forest you have a vested interest in the maintenance and protection of this resource. Swanson Group fully embraces this responsibility and is committed to forest stewardship.

Since its founding in 1951, Swanson Group has been firmly committed to maintaining sound environmental practices. We believe in taking care of the land and pursuing environmentally sound operating practices. Our employees are held accountable to ensure that we comply with all laws and regulatory requirements governing sustainable forestry, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, pollution and waste.

Forestry Practices

Our goal is to become a world class forest products company that is in control of its destiny and brings out the best in its employees. Established in 1972, Oregon Forest Practices Act (OFPA) is Oregon’s mandatory, comprehensive regulatory program, administered by the Oregon Department of Forestry, regulating activities on private and state timberlands. This program places limits on the size and quantity of regeneration harvest units, requires prompt replanting with specifications for the number of trees that must be planted, and provides protection for water, soil, archaeological and biological resources.

For centuries, wood has been the building material of choice because of its easy workability and natural strength. Swanson Group’s finished product lines are produced, primarily, from trees grown and harvested in Oregon under the guidelines of the OFPA. We take pride in supplying our customers with building materials produced from an abundant natural resource that defines the word “green” both literally and figuratively. When it comes to renewability and sustainability no building material comes close to wood products from America’s well managed forests.