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Veneers Residual Products

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Josh Renshaw

Veneer Sales

Swanson Group peels its own veneer from Doug Fir, White Woods, Pine and Spruce logs and in thicknesses ranging from 0.100 to 0.196 inches. It is cut, sorted and dried to insure consistency and quality in the manufacture of plywood panels.

Most of this veneer is used internally but sales of surplus veneer and grades that are not required at the plywood mill are sold on the open market. Each plywood mill handles the sales and/or purchasing of veneer to meet their own specific needs.

Manufacturing residuals – chips, sawdust and bark – ensure every fiber in the tree is put to use. These products are used as fuel, raw materials in other composite products and even as outdoor mulch. Swanson Group Sales manages the sales of the residual products for all of the operating mills.

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